Sale of our Grapes

Grape sales is one of the main services offered by Fanuli Group. Thanks to the care and attention devoted to the cultivation of vineyards, we are able to offer grapes of the highest quality, characterized by a unique flavor and great aromatic richness.

Each grape variety is grown with state-of-the-art techniques, using natural methods that ensure the utmost respect for the environment and the health of consumers. The sale of our grapes therefore represents a unique opportunity for wineries wishing to produce high quality wines, offering their customers a healthy and genuine product.

Our varieties

Wine consulting

With expertise and experience, it is possible to obtain personalized support at every stage of production, from the cultivation of the vines to the vinification and aging of the final product. Our experts study the specific needs of each client, proposing innovative and sustainable solutions that guarantee the highest quality of the wine produced.

With this service, everyone can gain a competitive advantage in the market by offering the highest quality products to their customers.