The viticulture industry is constantly evolving, and our company is always at the forefront of adopting new technologies and innovations to improve the quality of its products and protect the environment.

Integrated Viticulture

It provides for the'use of sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation methods, allowing the'ecological balance of the vineyard to be maintained and high quality grapes to be produced.

Advanced monitoring systems

They enable the detection and transmission of all environmental parameters necessary for the evaluation of proper growth performance of plantations.

Integrated viticulture as progress

La integrated viticulture is a method of growing vines that promotes the health of the ecosystem in which they are located while reducing the use of chemicals. This approach is based on the use of sustainable agricultural practices, which minimize environmental impacts while improving the quality of the grapes and wine produced.

Fanuli Group has adopted integrated viticulture in its cultivation, with the goal of producing high quality wines in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. By using new cultivation techniques and using minimal chemicals, our vines grow in a healthier and more natural environment.

Our commitment to viticulture allows us to produce high quality grapes that respect the environment and the health of consumers. We are proud to use this method of cultivation and contribute to the preservation of the environment, while offering our customers healthy and superior quality products.

Advanced monitoring systems

The monitoring system Agrismart allows us to have an eye on all the environmental parameters necessary for the evaluation of the proper growth performance of plantations, providing valuable support for the management of farm activities.

Using a complex algorithm, the controllers monitor soil and air temperature, outdoor and soil moisture, rainfall, solar radiation, leaf wetness, and wind speed and direction.

These data are crucial for assessing the state of the vineyard, preventing the occurrence of pathogens, and taking timely action if needed.